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Dr. Stefania Kalogeraki


University of Crete

Department of Sociology

Field of Activity

Research Associate

Address Gallos Campus
74100 Rethymno, Greece
Email kaloge[at]
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Website at the University of Crete

Dr Stefania Kalogeraki (Ph.D. in Sociology, University of Reading, 2007) is Lecturer in Quantitative Methods in Sociology (1998 BSc Statistics, Athens University of Economic and Business; 2002 M.A. Sociology with Research Training), and member of the Greek team. She has participated in European (e.g. “Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe”, “Asthma and Atopy in Crete”) and Greek (e.g. “Alternative Development of Local Communities in Crete”) research projects. Her main research interests include questionnaire design, comparative social research, social demographic analysis and mixed method designs. Her recent publications focus on methodological issues (e.g. online mixed method designs), children’s well-being during recessionary times and the escalation of anti-immigrant sentiments in Greek society under austerity.