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Prof. Dr. Jochen Roose

Jochen Groß

Freie Universität Berlin / University of Wroclaw

Institute of Sociology

Field of Activity

Project Coordinator

Address Garystraße 55
Room 309
14195 Berlin, Germany
Telephone +4930 - 838 54034
Fax +4930 - 838 57652
Email jochen.roose[at]
Homepage Personal Website
Website at the FU Berlin
Website at the University of Wroclaw

Dr. Jochen Roose (Dr. in Sociology, Freie Universität Berlin) is Professor for Social Sciences at the Willy Brandt Zentrum, University of Wrocław, Poland and associate professor at the Freie Universität Berlin, Germany (1997 Diplom in Sociology, 2002 Dr. in Sociology, 2008 Habilitation in Sociology, Freie Universität Berlin), and is Coordinator of the German team. His research focuses on Europeanization (especially horizontal European integration of the population, European Border Regions, European Identification, European Public Sphere, Attitudes Towards Europe) and Participation (especially social movements, protest, interest groups, volunteering, participant consumers (fandom), participant producers). He led several research projects (e.g. “Volunteering among young people in Eastern Germany”, “The European Union and Attribution of Responsibility in Mass Media”, together with Prof. Dr. Jürgen Gerhards, “Effects of Environmental Protest in the Federal Republic of Germany”). Recent publication focus on methodological issues, European identification, horizontal Europeanization, and social movements, especially the environmental movement.

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